We provide our clients with a complete service and are happy to work along side you at your offices or provide full off-site facilities from our office in Lincolnshire.

Our clients include businesses of all sizes from sole traders, micro and SME style, and limited companies. We have also worked very closely with accounts departments at several professional football clubs.

Our Managing Director Stephen Prescott is a former CEO and an experienced National Training Manager, so has a wealth of real world commercial experience to offer you and your business.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach. We offer an initial free consultation to discuss your specific needs, tailoring our service to fit your businesses needs.

Your business relies on cost effective use of its resources, instructing Remigius to provide day-to-day professional bookkeeping and accounting services will save you time.


Ree • me • jus


William the Conqueror ordered Bishop Remigius to establish a Cathedral in Lincoln in 1072.
The heavy rounded arches at the west front are believed to date from Remigius’s original structure designed to set William’s Norman stamp on the country he had invaded.

It was in 1092 that this first Cathedral in Lincoln built by Bishop Remigius was consecrated. Remigius, a Benedictine monk was the first Norman Bishop of the largest diocese in medieval England, extending from the Humber to the Thames. The cathedral of this diocese had been at Dorchester, near Oxford, but in 1072 William instructed that the Bishopric should be moved to Lincoln.