What can Remigius Bookkeeping Services do for you?
As a small business owner myself I appreciate just how important time is. It is very easy to get completely focussed on running the business and quite rightly the customers. As the business grows it becomes increasing impossible for the owner to manage all aspects. This is the time to look at getting help. There are really only two ways of getting help.
1) employing people or 2) outsourcing.
With accountancy, many business owners get trapped in the need to live and breathe the numbers and so have no option but to get completely engaged with the financial aspects. This of course makes it very difficult to let go and one way business owners find to keep control of the numbers, but also believe they are saving time by buying some accounting software.

Accounting software
Accounting software is very easy to buy, but not always easy to use – effectively. Some packages can be totally overwhelming and confusing to set-up. Without doubt the vast array of features for a relatively small “investment” makes them attractive initially. We have seen how even minor setting up errors have led to quite serious accumulative errors in outcomes. Often sellers of such packages will offer to provide paid training modules, perhaps this tells you something?

Costly mistakes
Whilst its important to keep business expenses to a minimum, some business owners may try to minimise costs by keeping their own financial records. Whilst this approach may achieve short term savings, this could be a mistake.

Missing deadlines
for filing VAT and other tax returns can incur financial penalties. Our clients only need to send us the relevant information on time, and we liaise with HMRC on their behalf.

Failing to keep up to date with tax laws
can result in paying incorrect levels of VAT and other taxes. Our clients take advantage of our knowledge and experience, which can save them money and reduce stress.

Incorrect Invoicing
can incur a lot of extra time reconciling products sold, and/or services provided. This could delay payments received from customers, and place a strain on cash flow. We help our clients to monitor aging debts, to ensure customers pay their bills on time.

Using accounting software incorrectly
can lead to increased costs. It sounds obvious, but inaccurate allocation of income & expenditure will result in inaccurate output. Remigius Bookkeeping Services understand this, and ensure that our clients don’t have to worry at the end of their financial year.

For a competitive fixed monthly fee,
Remigius Bookkeeping Services provide an effective, and simple to understand service, and we take great pride in playing our part in the efficiency and success of our clients’ business. Please contact us today to arrange a short, no obligation meeting.

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